Trendy in America

The American Trender is a lifestyle/fashion blog filled with style tips, new fashion finds and plenty of “life of jenny” moments.

I am in my senior year at The Fashion Institute of Technology studying Fashion Business Management. When I’m not in class, you can find me running around Chelsea or out to brunch in SoHo.

I created AT after a trip to Europe with my family. I was in the process of transitioning from a Tumblr page to an actual website, and was in desperate need of inspiration for a title. Once I determined my personal style to be “trendy,” I came up with the phrase “Trender,” aka someone who follows trends but adds their own touch (ex. when everyone was getting gold or silver monogram necklaces, I ordered mine in purple). Once I got home from a wonderful trip, I added “American” and “Trender” together because although I love and appreciate Europe, nothing could compare to the USA.

Read AT to follow the journey of New York’s biggest fan, plus find out the latest trends and best brunch places around.