Jul 262014

Going to brunch is the typical New York thing to do. It can be anywhere from 10 AM-4 PM that you go to meet friends at a trendy restaurant and get spectacular Belgium waffles with fresh strawberries-keep the mimosas coming.

What you wear depends on who you’re going with. You can have the SATC (Sex and the City) crowd and get dressed up because why not, or maybe you’re eating post or pre soul cycle and wear work out clothes.

In reality, you probably just don’t feel like wearing a dress and you have no intention of working out so you wear your favorite Lululemon outfit for the sake of feeling comfortable. No judgment. Can you guess what I’m wearing right now?

The point of brunch isn’t to eat amazing challah french toast and wear a really cute outfit that will make your friends jealous, instead it’s to just have fun and share crazy stories. Sure, the food is important, and you must look presentable, but brunch is for the young and hungry (hungry for laughter, of course).

Who needs both breakfast and lunch anyway? We’re all about efficiency here.

 July 26, 2014

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