Dec 132015

I hope my fellow Hebrews and Shebrews are having an amazing Hanukkah so far! We all know I love a good gift guide, so below is your 2015 Holiday edition!

Dad: Nespresso Capsules
Give him one sleeve of his favorite flavor and a second one of something he’s never tried before- Swiss Chocolate maybe?

Mom: Patagonia vest
Perfect for layering and a must for travel – this vest will keep her warm, and trendy! Buy one for yourself too for ultimate mother-daughter bonding.

Both Mom and Dad: Chatbooks
My friend told me about this great app called Chatbooks, where you can create a physical book (an extra $5 for hardcover) filled with pictures from Facebook, Instagram and your personal iPhoto library. I ordered one that was a total of 33 pages, hard cover, and sent to New Jersey for a flat rate of $14. What a steal!

Brother: Slip on sneakers
You want your bother to be as trendy as you are, right? Well, maybe not that trendy. Keep his style up to date with a pair of suede slip ons. Might as well get a pair for your dad too, and be sure to take a picture when they’re “#twinning.”

Sister: Giftcard to Bleu Sur Bleu
She loves blow outs just as much as you do, maybe even more. And we all know Bleu does the best blow out in the city- or anywhere. Give her the gift of the blow out then meet her for brunch at Sarabeth’s. Now that’s a happy holiday!

Best Friend: Rebecca Minkoff Bag Charm and Stickers
For your friends who have it all or those just obsessed with emojis, these little bag accessories can do no harm. Great prices and right on trend, they’ll be happy you’re their friend! See what I did there?!

Secret Santa (or Hanukkah Harry?): Fun Socks
We’ve all been invited to one of these parties, you pick a name out of a hat before hand, then are on the hunt for days on end, trying to figure out what to buy. Maybe they’re not into bag accessories? No problem. Fun socks are definitely the way to go. They’re a great stocking stuffer, or are perfect to add a little something extra to that Wild Fox eye mask you got for your roommate.

 December 13, 2015
Feb 072015

The greatest gift I have ever received, aside from my David Yurman ring, is my Lesportsac duffle. I got it for my Bat-Mitzvah from one of my super trendy older cousins.

I have had this bag for 6 years and still use it on a weekly basis. It’s been with me through it all- Israel, Europe, sleep away camp, NY to NJ and not to mention the hundreds of sleepovers it has accompanied me with.

This bag is so light, roomy, and has plenty of pockets on the sides. Whether you use it as a carry on, for an overnight or whatever else you can think of, this bag is seriously the best.

It’s funny because so many of my friends have one also, so whenever we are going to each other’s houses or staying in the city, we’re automatically twinning.

One of my favorite things about this duffle is that, like the Missoni headband, it comes in all different prints. I have a rain forrest theme, but others include black patent, peace signs, tie dye and even metallic.

Buy your duffle now and start making some memories!

 February 7, 2015
Nov 262014

A lot of people, including myself, get a little stressed out about what to get people. Luckily, this year, I have rounded up a few must-haves that are sure to have everyone smiling.

1. Parker’s Petals Flowers
Everyone loves receiving flowers. It’s an awesome feeling when the door bell rings and a fresh bouquet is handed to you. These flowers aren’t your average dozen of roses, though. They are created with a unique flair that other florists just don’t seem to have. A little pricey, yes, but totally worth it for someone special in your life.
2. A beanie
It’s freezing and your head is cold. Simple solution- a beanie. And why not buy one that has a cute saying? Brandy Melville has great gifts for teens. My advice? Purchase online- the rude employees seem to have their chokers on a little too tight.
3. Socks for Hunter boots
I know it may seem random, but these are actually a perfect gift. No one wants their nice leather boots to get disgusting in the city slush, so Hunter’s are always the better route to go. However, we are fashionistas here, so add a little flair with a pop of cheetah to keep your feet nice and toasty.
4. Not your average gift card
If I could, I would get my hair blown out every morning. Unfortunately, those $40 blows add up, fast. But, if you had a little thing called a gift card to your nearest blow bar, wouldn’t that be a total day changer? I think so!
5. PJ sets
Because everyone loves to be cute, comfy and cozy- you never know who you’re going to meet in your dreams, right? Wildfox almost ensures sweet dreams, but if you’re looking to spend a little less, try this adorable set from Aerie.

Happy shopping!!

 November 26, 2014
Aug 112014

We all have that one friend that seems to have everything. We’re talking every item personalized that’s possible to get monogrammed, oodles of arm candy and a stocked walk in closet.

So, my question is, what do you get the girl that has it all?

After trying to decide what to get one of my good friends for her birthday, my mom and I were stumped. Monogrammed towel? Has it. Tory Burch wrap bracelet? Most likely is wearing one right now-or something similar. Gift card? But to where?!

We shortly agreed on a Missoni headband. It’s perfect for those weird hair days that you really need to look presentable for, but your locks just aren’t in the mood. This headband adds instant flair to even the most simple outfit.

Imagine denim cut offs, white T shirt, gladiator sandals and boom, Missoni headband. Or you want to get dressed up? No problem! Throw on a mini dress and wedges plus this headband and you are golden.

Even though it’s totally possible that my friend may already own and love this particular accessory, the great thing is that they come in so many different colors, it can’t hurt to have more than one. Now I guess she really has it all.

 August 11, 2014
Jul 112014

Every fashionista has his/her own must have clothes and accessories list for each season. Here are a few of my favorite items from mine, and who knows, maybe they’re on your list too.

1. The “everyday tank”
I bought this Free People tank top in black and white and literally wear it at least three times a week. It’s perfect because you can wear it to work out in, casually with denim cut offs, or a little dressier with silk shorts. So versatile, comfortable and absolutely adorable. Oh, and only $20.00.
2. The maxi dress
Maxi dresses hide all sins. Just kidding, but they are really comfortable and can be worn with flips flops or dressed up with flat sandals for dinner. Beach wear, brunch wear, you name it, you wear it.
3. LBR (little black romper)
Obviously rompers are the easiest thing to throw on. Layered with a cute bandeau or crop top, then paired with wedges or sandals and you’re good to go. Again, can be worn whenever to whatever. The definition of summer attire.
4. Layered necklaces
You all probably know that I wear a ton of jewelry. Summer bracelets go halfway up my arm, I love pinky rings and I never leave my apartment with out my earrings. More recently though, I have been a necklace junky. Whenever I get something new I just throw it on. Right now I have my Fortune and Frame on the mend bandage necklace, Roberto Coin “j” and a monogram. To make my neck even more trendy, however, I would with out a doubt add an Alison Lou necklace.
5. Sunglasses
This one is a no brainer. If you don’t have sunglasses on you are doing summer all wrong and we’ll have to have a chat about that later.

 July 11, 2014