Oct 302014

I have come to the realization that I’m always in search of “the perfect this” and “the perfect that.” Although perfection is always the end goal, whether in school, shopping, or just life in general, the standards we hold so high can not always be met, or may not even exist.

You see, I have been looking for the perfect T shirt for years now. I’ve written about my search and always seem to think I have found “the one,” until it’s not what I want anymore. Basically, I now understand that nothing is perfect. Harsh reality, I know, but maybe it kind of lifts a weight off your shoulders. Or maybe it does exist and the people I converse with about my issues just have’t found perfection yet either.

Another thing to think about is that something that is possibly perfect at one point in your life, may not hold true the next year, or even the next day. For example, I think that the Louis Vuitton NeverFull bag is perfect. However, I’m not at a point in my life where spending over $500 on one item is okay, unless I save my food allowance for the month. Since I don’t want die of hunger, I got the next best thing to a Louis, well, almost.

I was in Free People Soho where I spotted it. Or my mom did, I can’t remember. A simple vegan leather black tote with an inside zippered pouch, to be exact. Only $68, just enough to be sturdy enough for a school bag, but inexpensive enough for me to get a new one (or see where my financial situation is next semester) when it gets worn out.

This tote is basic,yes, but definitely a basic that you need. Is it my perfect bag? Absolutely not. However, it just may be perfect for right now. We’re all about living in the moment, anyway.

 October 30, 2014
Sep 192014

Since the beginning of summer I was looking for something perfect to hang on my wall in my apartment. I needed a picture or painting that wasn’t your average dorm room picture collage, because I certainly don’t live in the average sophomore year housing.

It wasn’t until last weekend, in mid September, post brunch, that I came across a selection of prints in a pop up in Chelsea Market.

Verrier Handcrafted has an amazing collection of prints- some framed and some on canvas, in various sizes that are perfect for any fashionistas wall. There are so many different color combos, a lot of glitter (some less than others) and very inspiring sayings. This wasn’t quite the type of artwork I originally wanted, but it certainly is fitting, and now my wall has something to remind me of how lucky I am to live in the big apple.

This painting is more than just a wall decoration because I’ll always remember the way I got it. Most sales people in Chelsea Market, I have come to find, are not the nicest. However, Ashleigh and Jude Verrier (the team behind it), were so sweet and excited about what they were selling. Ashleigh had that sparkle in her eye that you could just tell that her heart and soul was in this business. How could I not buy something?!

Your turn! Check out their site and let me know, which painting would you choose?

Side note: my painting says, “I’ll take Manhattan any day” at the bottom and has little glitter trims and fun colors. So cute.

 September 19, 2014


Aug 292014

Happy Labor Day Weekend! It’s hard to believe that summer is over- what a fabulous season!

Also, for many of us, it was our first week back at school. I hope you guys had as great of a week as I did!

This weekend I’m doing homework (yes, already), hanging out with friends and enjoying the last bit of afternoons I can spend lounging on the roof.

What about you? Oh, you’re doing some back to school shopping? Let me help you out and give you a few of my pre-fall must haves.

1. The choker necklace.
It’s crazy that chokers are back in style. Give this old trend a new twist by buying one with a pearl on it! All the cool girls are doing it.
2. The Brandy sweatshirt.
It’s pretty much a staple because it’s so soft, perfect with leggings, light enough to layer but just warm enough to wear during early fall. My advice? Instead of getting it in 5 colors, just do two: black (obviously) and tie dye. Everyone will have it eventually, but at least you can say you had it first.
3. The slip on sneaker.
Give your Superga sneaks a ten second break by getting these new additions. Wear them the same way you’d wear any casual shoe but save half the time because they’re laceless!

 August 29, 2014
Jul 172014

It’s summer and the city is scorching hot. Many of you are probably having some major outfit issues, but don’t worry. I’m here to make the next few weeks easy breezy.

I’ve been living in 3 key items and plan to continue doing so until fall (fair warning). Basically my summer uniform currently consists of one Free People tank (two colors and possibly more on the way), a pair of silk scalloped shorts (similar here), and a lace bralette.

These pieces make it so simple to mix and match with everything else I have stuffed in my closet. The bralette is perfect for layering under anything- a total game changer. The shorts can be dressed up for work or down for just running around the city. And the tank is simply my favorite for too many reasons to write- but one is that it would totally win the “best all around” of any top you own. I am not exaggerating.

 July 17, 2014
May 252014

This weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, is The American Trender’s first birthday!

I’ll be celebrating in Florida for a much needed vacation, so I wanted to take the time to thank all of my supporters- that would be YOU, whoever you are, reading this post.

I could not have made it through this incredible year with out you guys.

So…THANK YOU! Please continue reading, instagraming, tweeting, facebooking-whatever. I have some pretty cool things in store so watch out, big things are coming and I’m taking AT along for the ride.


 May 25, 2014