Mar 072015

Anyone who has ever met me probably knows that I’m obsessed with loungewear. Sure, dressing up is fun, but nothing beats that ultra-soft feeling of a brand new Wildfox sweatshirt, am I right?

So, now that you understand that I take loungewear very seriously, I hope you all will consider buying what I am about to present to you…

The jogger. I first started seeing these cool lounge pants on famous bloggers, with a simple t shirt tucked in, leather jacket over that, and either sneakers or heels on their feet. Cool look, no?

Then I started seeing them at school, I go to fashion school, yes, but trust me, anyone and everyone is able to wear these. In public, or for actual lounging purposes.

I didn’t realize how much I wanted a pair until my roommate, Grace, was sent a pair (hers were joie). She tried them on with her slip on sneaks and the look was effortless.

Last week I got my own pair from Aritzia. These $55 pants are literally the softest, most comfortable things I own. I paired mine with a shirt from Aritzia that’s the same color, so it almost looks like their pajamas (pajama dressing, anyone?). However, I plan to wear them when the weather gets warmer with my Ash sneaks and a t shirt.

Go buy yours now and join the loungewear fan club!

 March 7, 2015
Feb 202015

As much as I love the ever so funny tv show, this post is actually about my internship (so far) at Rebecca Minkoff. Many of you know that I am doing a spring internship at RM, however, no one really knows the details, as in, what people actually wear to the office in the fashion world.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, let me fill you in. Rebecca Minkoff is a super fast growing fashion brand. She sells products such as handbags, jewelry, shoes, RTW (ready to wear) and more. Her girly yet edgy pieces are both versatile and trendy. She adds her own flair on classic looks by including studs, fringe or other creative details that you just can’t resist. Her prices vary from better to designer, with cross body bags around $195 and leather jackets upwards of $500.

Now, to the employee dress code. The theme is business casual, but more emphasis on the casual. You have to remember that this is a fashion company, so the rules are a little different. Basically the girls wear whatever they want as long as it’s appropriate.

Since we are in the dead of winter, I’m seeing everything from fur vests, chunky knits, leather jackets, skinny jeans and tons of booties. One thing that almost everyone in the office has that I just had to purchase myself is an RM sneaker (on sale now!). This sneaker is perfect for winter because it has actual fur on the inside that you can fold up or down. I can’t tell you how many employees have sported this shoe with skinny jeans and an oversized sweater–tres chic!

Another little inside-scoop: yes, the girls here wear Rag & Bone, Stuart Weitzman boots, Club Monaco, and J. Crew Collection, BUT, they do have their budgets just like the rest of us. Prime example: I just ran into an employee wearing a fabulous fur jacket in the bathroom. After telling her how much I loved it, she told me that it was actually from Forever 21. I know, I’m just as shocked as you are! She said it was one of those pieces that everyone thinks is real and you’d never know the difference.

I am so happy at RM and can’t wait to share more stories with you!

 February 20, 2015
Feb 072015

The greatest gift I have ever received, aside from my David Yurman ring, is my Lesportsac duffle. I got it for my Bat-Mitzvah from one of my super trendy older cousins.

I have had this bag for 6 years and still use it on a weekly basis. It’s been with me through it all- Israel, Europe, sleep away camp, NY to NJ and not to mention the hundreds of sleepovers it has accompanied me with.

This bag is so light, roomy, and has plenty of pockets on the sides. Whether you use it as a carry on, for an overnight or whatever else you can think of, this bag is seriously the best.

It’s funny because so many of my friends have one also, so whenever we are going to each other’s houses or staying in the city, we’re automatically twinning.

One of my favorite things about this duffle is that, like the Missoni headband, it comes in all different prints. I have a rain forrest theme, but others include black patent, peace signs, tie dye and even metallic.

Buy your duffle now and start making some memories!

 February 7, 2015
Sep 192014

Since the beginning of summer I was looking for something perfect to hang on my wall in my apartment. I needed a picture or painting that wasn’t your average dorm room picture collage, because I certainly don’t live in the average sophomore year housing.

It wasn’t until last weekend, in mid September, post brunch, that I came across a selection of prints in a pop up in Chelsea Market.

Verrier Handcrafted has an amazing collection of prints- some framed and some on canvas, in various sizes that are perfect for any fashionistas wall. There are so many different color combos, a lot of glitter (some less than others) and very inspiring sayings. This wasn’t quite the type of artwork I originally wanted, but it certainly is fitting, and now my wall has something to remind me of how lucky I am to live in the big apple.

This painting is more than just a wall decoration because I’ll always remember the way I got it. Most sales people in Chelsea Market, I have come to find, are not the nicest. However, Ashleigh and Jude Verrier (the team behind it), were so sweet and excited about what they were selling. Ashleigh had that sparkle in her eye that you could just tell that her heart and soul was in this business. How could I not buy something?!

Your turn! Check out their site and let me know, which painting would you choose?

Side note: my painting says, “I’ll take Manhattan any day” at the bottom and has little glitter trims and fun colors. So cute.

 September 19, 2014
Aug 042014

You all know by now that once I see something I want, there’s no stopping me until it’s mine. And then I write about it because I feel like everyone should know what this amazing item is and why I’m so excited to have found it.

Currently, I am obsessing over a white jacket. My best friend’s sister was wearing one (similar: here) with a little white dress, then again with a black tank and maxi skirt, and third times the charm with a different tank and lounge shorts. I was hooked.

The best part of this jacket is it can make any outfit an ounce more professional. It’s crisp, clean and oh so easy.

Great for day to night dressing as well (picture sandals, romper and this jacket, then simply switch to heels and you’re ready for dinner with the girls).

So…did you buy one yet?!

Unfortunately “the one” I wanted from Aritzia (on sale!) was sold out. I opted for a white blazer instead, and only $49.00.

Note: The blazer kind of makes me look like a doctor, so I’m still searching for my dream white jacket.

 August 4, 2014