Aug 132015

Over the past year my obsession with Lululemon has become a minor major issue. I just can’t seem to buy enough. Between the leggings, tanks, zip-ups, headbands… want me to go on?

Every season brings a new piece that stands out, aka the one piece I can never get off of my mind. It’s usually in the front of the store, so even if you go in looking for something else, you’re bound to find yourself hopelessly staring at it.

This season, it was a romper. A perfect light pink and white one piece with a very feminine print and strappy back. I didn’t go in looking for another romper, but I simply couldn’t resist. After one second of putting it on, I knew it was the one. I couldn’t stop thinking about the endless times I would wear it for the rest of the summer. Two minutes and $98 later, I left the store as the very proud new owner of the romper, rather “runsie,” because it actually was created for runners. Who knew?!

I can honestly say the runsie was the best thing I ever bought myself. I have worn it at least 10 times since I got it at the end of July and although the summer is basically over, I still will get a ton of use out of it in the city heat.

What’s your favorite Lulu item? Share your Lulu love with a comment below!

 August 13, 2015

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  1. lulu doesn’t fit me

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