Feb 142015

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to go to my first seated fashion show at NYFW. A generous professor of mine reached out to me asking if I would be interested in attending a show, so of course I was over the moon and accepted. The show was Mark and Estel.

When I got to Lincoln Center, I was a little confused, but found my way to the line for the show. Once inside, I was greeted and brought to my seat- in the FRONT ROW. So, on top of this being my first seated show, I was seated in the perfect location. On my seat there was a little gift bag filled with goodies, which never hurts!

Eventually the show started and I couldn’t contain my excitement. The lights dimmed, music played, and boom, model after model- each had a better strut than the other.

When it was time for the finale, Mark and Estel came out and sang as the models did their last walk. It was quite the experience.

**Special thanks to Professor Gross for giving me this awesome opportunity!

 February 14, 2015

  5 Responses to “MARK AND ESTEL”

  1. next time ask prof if I can come too. or get me a date with the tallest model. you can tell her I dream at 6’5″.

  2. My absolute pleasure! Thanks for sharing the experience with your followers!

  3. After the models left they scattered around the buildings of Lincoln Center as photographers snapped pics. As I crossed to get a cab uptown photographersvfollowed them into the crowds and shot.
    Some were lovely. I loved the long plaid wool coat.

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