Feb 242016
AT Goes Abroad

Ciao from Florence! I have been extremely busy traveling with school that I haven’t had much time to write. However, now that I’m finally in a nice little routine, I’ll have plenty of time to fill you guys in on what’s trending in Italy, and all over Europe! As most of you know, I started […]

 February 24, 2016
Dec 132015
Happy Holidays!

I hope my fellow Hebrews and Shebrews are having an amazing Hanukkah so far! We all know I love a good gift guide, so below is your 2015 Holiday edition! Dad: Nespresso Capsules Give him one sleeve of his favorite flavor and a second one of something he’s never tried before- Swiss Chocolate maybe? Mom: […]

 December 13, 2015
Nov 172015
The Latest and Greatest

Wow, we have a lot to catch up on you guys. Taking seven classes this semester has taken quite the toll on my life blogging time, but don’t you worry, I’m back with tons of goodies to share. First of all, winter just snuck up on us, am I right? I thought I was going […]

 November 17, 2015
Aug 132015

Over the past year my obsession with Lululemon has become a minor major issue. I just can’t seem to buy enough. Between the leggings, tanks, zip-ups, headbands… want me to go on? Every season brings a new piece that stands out, aka the one piece I can never get off of my mind. It’s usually […]

 August 13, 2015
Jun 192015
What the Brunch?

After telling a friend that I had just had an amazing brunch experience at Cookshop, she gave me the fabulous idea to write a post about it (thanks Gab!). As many of you know from my Instagram, or those of you who personally know me, you understand my obsession with brunch. It’s my favorite meal […]

 June 19, 2015