Jun 102015

One of my favorite pieces I received during my internship at Rebecca Minkoff was the Julian Backpack. I noticed backpacks were definitely being worn, but I didn’t realize how practical they would be. Since I wasn’t 100% on board at first, I didn’t want to buy one and then never wear it. After using it […]

 June 10, 2015
Jun 032015

Don’t lie- I know that you kick yourself everyday for quitting ballet when you were 5. The gracefulness of ballerinas just can’t be copied and takes a ton of dedication, which you forfeited when you wanted to play soccer instead. Luckily, you have another shot! Well, of watching a ballet, that is. Close enough, right? […]

 June 3, 2015
May 282015

Wow, it’s been a while! The end of my sophomore year was as crazy as Chelsea Market during lunch time, on a Saturday. As if studying for finals and finishing projects wasn’t enough, searching for a part time summer job was also a main priority. Luckily, everything always works out, so I’m thrilled to announce […]

 May 28, 2015
Mar 072015

Anyone who has ever met me probably knows that I’m obsessed with loungewear. Sure, dressing up is fun, but nothing beats that ultra-soft feeling of a brand new Wildfox sweatshirt, am I right? So, now that you understand that I take loungewear very seriously, I hope you all will consider buying what I am about […]

 March 7, 2015
Feb 202015

As much as I love the ever so funny tv show, this post is actually about my internship (so far) at Rebecca Minkoff. Many of you know that I am doing a spring internship at RM, however, no one really knows the details, as in, what people actually wear to the office in the fashion […]

 February 20, 2015