Aug 112014

We all have that one friend that seems to have everything. We’re talking every item personalized that’s possible to get monogrammed, oodles of arm candy and a stocked walk in closet.

So, my question is, what do you get the girl that has it all?

After trying to decide what to get one of my good friends for her birthday, my mom and I were stumped. Monogrammed towel? Has it. Tory Burch wrap bracelet? Most likely is wearing one right now-or something similar. Gift card? But to where?!

We shortly agreed on a Missoni headband. It’s perfect for those weird hair days that you really need to look presentable for, but your locks just aren’t in the mood. This headband adds instant flair to even the most simple outfit.

Imagine denim cut offs, white T shirt, gladiator sandals and boom, Missoni headband. Or you want to get dressed up? No problem! Throw on a mini dress and wedges plus this headband and you are golden.

Even though it’s totally possible that my friend may already own and love this particular accessory, the great thing is that they come in so many different colors, it can’t hurt to have more than one. Now I guess she really has it all.

 August 11, 2014

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