Feb 072015

The greatest gift I have ever received, aside from my David Yurman ring, is my Lesportsac duffle. I got it for my Bat-Mitzvah from one of my super trendy older cousins.

I have had this bag for 6 years and still use it on a weekly basis. It’s been with me through it all- Israel, Europe, sleep away camp, NY to NJ and not to mention the hundreds of sleepovers it has accompanied me with.

This bag is so light, roomy, and has plenty of pockets on the sides. Whether you use it as a carry on, for an overnight or whatever else you can think of, this bag is seriously the best.

It’s funny because so many of my friends have one also, so whenever we are going to each other’s houses or staying in the city, we’re automatically twinning.

One of my favorite things about this duffle is that, like the Missoni headband, it comes in all different prints. I have a rain forrest theme, but others include black patent, peace signs, tie dye and even metallic.

Buy your duffle now and start making some memories!

 February 7, 2015

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  1. I wish I had a Lesportsac duffle. A Pearl

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