Mar 182016

The weekend started off on the right foot. I played hookie due to issues with getting to the train station in Florence on time from a last-minute school field trip. I ended up being more productive than I had been throughout the semester so far, in those few hours. After finishing up a few projects, I was off to the train to Pisa where I caught my flight to Budapest with friends. The flight was a breeze and Ryan Air definitely was not as bad as people make it out to be.

Once in Budapest, my friends and I had a late dinner at a restaurant called Platz. They served us mini-Challahs which automatically put me in the best mood considering I hadn’t had the delicious braided bread in over two months. The rest of the weekend consisted of walking tours, beef goulash with dumplings and rose gelato, as well as a trip to the famous thermal baths.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a giant bath full of all your closest friends? Well swap out the image of a bath tub, because the “baths” are actually pools that have naturally heated water from springs. And forget about your closest friends, because you are literally surrounded by hundreds of people, most not even speaking English. Needless to say it was quite the experience!

After the baths, the food was definitely my favorite part of the trip. Although Italian food is by far my favorite, it was really nice to try some new cuisines that I wouldn’t even had eaten in America. With this in mind, it was also extremely refreshing having a Starbucks right around the corner from our hotel – lucky me! Unfortunately Starbucks hasn’t made its way to Florence yet, but will be in Milan next year, allegedly.

As for the weather, it was pretty chilly. Luckily the sun was out most of the time, so I packed tons of layers. I wore my Aritzia jacket (similar here) over a Patagonia vest and a sweater each day. With leggings and Stuart Weitzman boots, I was actually more comfortable than expected!

Starting this weekend I’m off for spring break in Paris, Split and Venice – more pictures and posts to come! Talk about jet-setting…

 March 18, 2016

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