Sep 282013

No, “Eataly” is not a spelling mistake.

Eataly is basically the Italian Harrods in NYC, minus the clothes and accessories. Instead, Eataly has every type of gourmet Italian food you could ever ask for. From the rows and rows of different types of pasta, the personal pizzas and the sweets; there is no way you can come out disappointed.

This place is so huge that I got lost trying to find everything, but wherever you turn there is something new to look at, buy, and then eat.

It’s located in the Flatiron District in the city, a perfect location and a stunning view at night or on a fall day (like today).

I went last night for the first time with my mom and her friend, dressed for fall and ready for dessert. We got great gelato and sat at a high table, just enjoying the scene. I went back again today for the pizza, and I must say, it was pretty amazing.

The vibe this trendy market/restaurant/heaven has is so happy, you really feel like you can forget about everything else and just savor each bite of whatever you are munching on.


(Photo from Eataly)

 September 28, 2013

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